Baseball Fan Safety

First off, let me address the elephant in the room, apparently I can’t break this cycle of posting only once every three months. I also managed to miss my domain name renewal and then had to get it back through an auction which annoyed me to no end.

OK, now let me address the other issue I have been thinking about lately, baseball fan safety. Specifically the use of netting around the field to protect fans from foul balls driven as line drives into the field level seats and broken bats going into the same area. I was at the Yankees game a few weeks ago when a elementary school age child was hit with a line-drive foul ball which put her in the hospital. Had the Yankees stadium owners put up the netting that Major League Baseball urged all teams to put up this never would have been an issue. The fact that the attorneys for the team and stadium indicated they were “looking into” putting the netting up but were hesitant to do so because some fans thought it would obstruct their view is negligent and ridiculous. The netting has little impact on the view of the field and provides a lot more safety to the fans. Just imagine if the ball has been a broken bat, splintered and flying directly at a someone’s head or torso. Imagine if the foul ball had hit just slightly differently and hit a more vital area of the child’s head or body. It was dumb luck that the child didn’t end up with a substantially worse injury than they did and even so they were still going to require days in a hospital.

It makes me sick that the Yankees had not addressed this issue before and they ought to be held liable for gross negligence in this incident. They knew the risk was higher than it reasonably needed to be and they failed to take the recommended actions indicated by Major League Baseball.

Has It Really Been 3 Months?

Has it really been three months since my last post? It seems like so much has been going on that I have completely lost track of time. We have our new house now and we have been doing a ton of work on it. Lots of yard work like taking down trees, putting in new mulch, power washing, clearing out brush, hedge trimming, etc. Lots of indoor work like cleaning things up, putting things away, unpacking everything, etc. It doesn’t seem like there will ever be any shortage of things to do.

Aside from house work, the kids are growing up fast as well. We had a wedding to go to in the Southeast of the US this past month and that was a lot of fun. The girls were flower girls in the wedding and they had a ton of fun. Both of them are getting so big. It is really fun to see them grow up and how close they remain with each other. It is awesome that they will always have each other to rely upon for support. I don’t have a brother and my wife doesn’t have a sister so knowing that they have each other is really special for us.

My older daughter is having some temper tantrum problems though lately. She is very impulsive and gets worked up very quickly. There is no reasoning with her until she is able to come down from that state so it takes a lot of patience to deal with. Some days I have it and some days I could do better but I love her more than anything regardless. I know that I can always be a better dad and I am always trying to improve the way I handle these kinds of situations.

There is a very good chance she has ADHD and we are going to get her evaluated but my wife and I really don’t like the idea of dealing with it with medication at her age. We want to try and manage this as best we can without meds. Both my wife and I have other types of mood disorders and we do believe that medication has a place but it is not something we want to do too early or jump to without a lot of consultation. Kids need to be allowed to be kids and our goal is not to try and treat what is normal kid behavior. We want to target the behaviors that are really ADHD specific and nothing else. The last thing we want to do is become one of the multitudes of parents who try to medicate their kids into a catatonic state. I hope that we can find some good support communities around ADHD to try and come up with good ways to manage the behavior effectively as time goes on.

I think that is about all I have in terms of an update for now. If any of you have good ADHD resources please let me know in the comments.

New House Update – Contracts and Power Equipment

So we finally have some progress on the quest to buy a new house. It looks like the stars are finally aligning and the bank that holds the loan on this short sale has approved the sale of the house. The crazy thing is that they were adamant that they get an additional $2,000.00 before approving the sale. What crazy calculation they used to some up with that they needed that much more to approve the sale is beyond me. It really makes no sense. But I am not going to complain too much because I am that much closer to being in the right school district for my kids, having a big 1.5 acre yard for them to play in and being able to have a place to call our own again.

CC_XT1That being said, I am now on to what I need to actually maintain this house and fix up what is needed before I move in. One of the first things I am going to need is to buy a riding lawn mower since I currently have a very small yard and am going to a very big yard. Right now I am leaning towards a cub cadet XT1 with a 46 inch deck. It is a Consumer Reports best buy and rated just 1 point lower than the top rated John Deere that costs $3,200.00 (more than 2x the cost of the Cub Cadet). I must say that I am looking forward to getting one of these as I remember growing up as a kid using tractors to mow the lawn and at my family farm. Even though this is no where near as big as what I was driving as a kid I can’t wait to teach my daughters how to drive one.

I also have some other fun projects that need to be taken care of right away. I need to put up some new lights, replace some outlets, put in some smart light switches, replace some breakers, etc. All things that sound mundane to most people but to me sound like a great part about owning my own home again. I still own a home in another state but circumstances years ago meant that we needed to move away from there and now it is just a rental property that I hope to sell within the next two years. I have missed having a home that I can make my own since we moved away from that house and this now brings us back full circle.

I can’t wait to get started on this new chapter for me and my family!

The Dad’s Reading List

I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that I am starting a reading list that includes all of my favorite books that I currently read or have read with my daughters over the years. There are so many amazing books out there for kids that I can’t hope to list them all. I am confident that you will like any book on my list and none are too expensive so give them a read with your kids!

When Your Kids End Up in the Emergency Room

This past week was the first time (Except for when my first daughter was born) that I was very worried about one of my kids’ health. On Tuesday my youngest ended up in the emergency room because her oxygen levels were low due to her having RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus).

It started when I was sitting in a meeting at the office and I started getting texts, then phone calls from my wife. I didn’t pay attention at first since I was leading the meeting. After the meeting I got my phone out and I realized something must be very wrong. When I called my wife back that is when I found out what was going on. I immediately felt guilty because I could have answered the phone earlier but I didn’t. When I got to the hospital the doctors still didn’t know what was going on which made it worse of course. At that point I needed to get my older daughter home because she was very upset about what was happening to her little sister.

Once I was back home with my older daughter we settled down a bit and focused on getting her dinner and ready for bed. By about 5:30 pm we finally knew what we were dealing with, RSV. About another hour after that we knew that my youngest daughter would not need to spend the night at the ER which was a relief to us all. When my wife and daughter finally got back home it was about 8:30 pm. From that point it took about another hour to get her to bed because of the steroids they had given her to help her breathing.

I guess there is a first time for everything but I would have been happy not to have had it. It always puts things in perspective when one of your children are ill or in some other kind of danger. You remember just how much they and your family mean to you and that you would give anything to make sure they are always safe, healthy and happy.


People Helping People

As we finally clear away the snow from Stella in the northeast I want to remind everyone that when these types of events take place, we must come together at people, neighbors and communities to help out those in need. There are many people that live around all of us that do not have the resources that we do. For example, I have a snowblower and many of my neighbors do not. I also am young enough so I can go out and shovel without too much difficulty where my neighbors that are older than me have a much harder time getting through the snow.

I hope that all of my readers feel the same way and what a great example to set for your children. When the world seems like an increasingly scary place, we must come together in our communities and take care of each other.If as adults we lead by example in this way then our children will take up the torch and continue to pass this valuable lesson down through the generations.

The Blizzard of 2017

Daddy is the bravest! daddy is good! daddy is brave!

That is what I heard coming from the sliding door to the deck as I shoveled through 30 inches of snow during the blizzard of 2017. While I of course don’t think of myself as brave for shoveling and snow blowing in the storm, it makes me realize just how much I love my daughters.

In total we probably got about 26 inches of snow in open areas and 30+ inches of snow where it drifted since the winds were blowing at about 30 mph. In the years that we have lived in this area this is by far the larges snow total I have seen in a single storm. I went out twice today to snow blow, shovel and clear of the cars which pretty much took care of the bulk of the snow. The work in the morning will be just light clean up work from the other inch or so we will get before midnight.

For all of the rest of you in this storm’s path, Please stay safe and stay of the road if you can at least through the day tomorrow. And of course, take your kids outside to play in all of this snow!