STEM Toys – Telescope Buying Advice Needed

My daughter and I have been getting interested in star gazing lately (she is especially interested in looking at Venus) and I am considering getting a telescope. Unfortunately, I am completely clueless when it comes to what constitutes a good telescope for children that is both easy to use and decent enough quality to actually see something with good resolution. My normal go-to, Consumer Reports, doesn’t really have any information about these devices so that doesn’t help me at all. Therefore, I am stuck looking at Amazon reviews which are somewhat suspect at best and I don’t always trust them.

I need some advice on this topic from my readers and I would love to have people post links to models that they like to assist others in their search.

Finally Back At It – New Home Time

It has been a long time but I am finally coming back to the blog. There has been so much going on lately that has taken up my time. New product launches at work, the holidays, purchasing a new home and many other more minor distractions to keep me from writing.

For this post I will focus on the new home as it is the biggest thing going on personally right now. It is a great location, on a cul-de-sac with 1.5 acres of land and in a great school district. The challenge is that it is a short sale so this could take a long time to progress through the sale if it does at all. Being optimistic and thinking that it will go through, we have begun the process of going through the whole mortgage process and planning out what it is going to take to move in. In addition to the other benefits, this house has natural gas hear, a Verizon FiOS hookup and central air which are big deals where we live. If you add all these things together it made the home too good to pass up.

Of course there is the fact that there is also a lot of cosmetic work to be done if we do get the house so that will be interesting. We need to redo the half bath, rip out the old hot tub, re-carpet at least one of the rooms and do a bunch of painting. I am fairly handy but I have not done a whole lot with some of this type of work so it will be a learning experience. I also am looking into needing to repair a bunch of the kitchen cabinets so that should be interesting. I have never had to deal with that type of woodwork before but I think I can manage it.

So anyways, off to the next big adventure. It sure never gets dull being a dad.