Potty Time Chickies

My youngest daughter has been potty training over the last several weeks and this past weekend she took the final step and stopped wearing any type of diaper/pull-up to bed. This of course has presented a challenge since my oldest daughter is potty trained but has yet to graduate to not wearing any type of diaper/pull-up at night.

For whatever reason my oldest daughter has not been able to have that type of control yet and my wife and I have not made a big deal out of it. She is completely potty trained during the day but bedtime continues to elude us. Being the big sister though and fairly competitive she doesn’t like that her little sister is now able to sleep through the night without any issues and she can’t. This has caused her to declare that she is going to wear normal underwear to bed as well since her sister is doing so. Tonight is her first night not wearing normal underwear to bed and I suspect it is going to prove to be an interesting night. Before going to sleep tonight she was hypersensitive to her need to go potty and must have done so at least four times before going to sleep. She clearly was nervous about the experience that lay ahead but she remained committed to seeing it through. She even tucked herself into her bed after going potty the last time and she has never done that before because she knows that if she gets up in the middle of the night she may need to do that.

Obviously my wife and I want to see our oldest daughter succeed and we will be by her side until she does but I am definitely nervous. I am nervous that she will compare herself to her younger sister and feel she is somehow less capable than her if this does not go well. It is strange to think that something like this could cause issues but my oldest daughter is sensitive enough so that it might. I honestly can say that I never thought teaching a little person to go to the bathroom would be this difficult for me or them. It never ceases to amaze me how being a parent and facing the seemingly minor issues in life can be more challenging than almost anything I encounter professionally on a daily basis as an executive.

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