When Your Kids End Up in the Emergency Room

This past week was the first time (Except for when my first daughter was born) that I was very worried about one of my kids’ health. On Tuesday my youngest ended up in the emergency room because her oxygen levels were low due to her having RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus).

It started when I was sitting in a meeting at the office and I started getting texts, then phone calls from my wife. I didn’t pay attention at first since I was leading the meeting. After the meeting I got my phone out and I realized something must be very wrong. When I called my wife back that is when I found out what was going on. I immediately felt guilty because I could have answered the phone earlier but I didn’t. When I got to the hospital the doctors still didn’t know what was going on which made it worse of course. At that point I needed to get my older daughter home because she was very upset about what was happening to her little sister.

Once I was back home with my older daughter we settled down a bit and focused on getting her dinner and ready for bed. By about 5:30 pm we finally knew what we were dealing with, RSV. About another hour after that we knew that my youngest daughter would not need to spend the night at the ER which was a relief to us all. When my wife and daughter finally got back home it was about 8:30 pm. From that point it took about another hour to get her to bed because of the steroids they had given her to help her breathing.

I guess there is a first time for everything but I would have been happy not to have had it. It always puts things in perspective when one of your children are ill or in some other kind of danger. You remember just how much they and your family mean to you and that you would give anything to make sure they are always safe, healthy and happy.


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