Has It Really Been 3 Months?

Has it really been three months since my last post? It seems like so much has been going on that I have completely lost track of time. We have our new house now and we have been doing a ton of work on it. Lots of yard work like taking down trees, putting in new mulch, power washing, clearing out brush, hedge trimming, etc. Lots of indoor work like cleaning things up, putting things away, unpacking everything, etc. It doesn’t seem like there will ever be any shortage of things to do.

Aside from house work, the kids are growing up fast as well. We had a wedding to go to in the Southeast of the US this past month and that was a lot of fun. The girls were flower girls in the wedding and they had a ton of fun. Both of them are getting so big. It is really fun to see them grow up and how close they remain with each other. It is awesome that they will always have each other to rely upon for support. I don’t have a brother and my wife doesn’t have a sister so knowing that they have each other is really special for us.

My older daughter is having some temper tantrum problems though lately. She is very impulsive and gets worked up very quickly. There is no reasoning with her until she is able to come down from that state so it takes a lot of patience to deal with. Some days I have it and some days I could do better but I love her more than anything regardless. I know that I can always be a better dad and I am always trying to improve the way I handle these kinds of situations.

There is a very good chance she has ADHD and we are going to get her evaluated but my wife and I really don’t like the idea of dealing with it with medication at her age. We want to try and manage this as best we can without meds. Both my wife and I have other types of mood disorders and we do believe that medication has a place but it is not something we want to do too early or jump to without a lot of consultation. Kids need to be allowed to be kids and our goal is not to try and treat what is normal kid behavior. We want to target the behaviors that are really ADHD specific and nothing else. The last thing we want to do is become one of the multitudes of parents who try to medicate their kids into a catatonic state. I hope that we can find some good support communities around ADHD to try and come up with good ways to manage the behavior effectively as time goes on.

I think that is about all I have in terms of an update for now. If any of you have good ADHD resources please let me know in the comments.

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