Baseball Fan Safety

First off, let me address the elephant in the room, apparently I can’t break this cycle of posting only once every three months. I also managed to miss my domain name renewal and then had to get it back through an auction which annoyed me to no end.

OK, now let me address the other issue I have been thinking about lately, baseball fan safety. Specifically the use of netting around the field to protect fans from foul balls driven as line drives into the field level seats and broken bats going into the same area. I was at the Yankees game a few weeks ago when a elementary school age child was hit with a line-drive foul ball which put her in the hospital. Had the Yankees stadium owners put up the netting that Major League Baseball urged all teams to put up this never would have been an issue. The fact that the attorneys for the team and stadium indicated they were “looking into” putting the netting up but were hesitant to do so because some fans thought it would obstruct their view is negligent and ridiculous. The netting has little impact on the view of the field and provides a lot more safety to the fans. Just imagine if the ball has been a broken bat, splintered and flying directly at a someone’s head or torso. Imagine if the foul ball had hit just slightly differently and hit a more vital area of the child’s head or body. It was dumb luck that the child didn’t end up with a substantially worse injury than they did and even so they were still going to require days in a hospital.

It makes me sick that the Yankees had not addressed this issue before and they ought to be held liable for gross negligence in this incident. They knew the risk was higher than it reasonably needed to be and they failed to take the recommended actions indicated by Major League Baseball.

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