People Helping People

As we finally clear away the snow from Stella in the northeast I want to remind everyone that when these types of events take place, we must come together at people, neighbors and communities to help out those in need. There are many people that live around all of us that do not have the resources that we do. For example, I have a snowblower and many of my neighbors do not. I also am young enough so I can go out and shovel without too much difficulty where my neighbors that are older than me have a much harder time getting through the snow.

I hope that all of my readers feel the same way and what a great example to set for your children. When the world seems like an increasingly scary place, we must come together in our communities and take care of each other.If as adults we lead by example in this way then our children will take up the torch and continue to pass this valuable lesson down through the generations.

The Politics of Parenting

presidential-1311753_960_720As we get closer to one of the nastiest and worst elections that I have lived through, I think it is important that parents consider what the candidates mean for you and your kids. I am not going to take a side on this one but I want to provide all of you with some news resources to learn more about where the candidates all stand on matters that concern us.

Those are just a few links to get you started. If that gets you interested then just start googling and you will find many more resources for you to make sure you are informed before voting.