Tech Dad

Since I am a complete technology geek / nerd, this page is dedicated to the fun techie and geeky things I like to do with my kids. Hopefully it gives you some ideas for what to do with yours as well.

Tech / STEM / Geeky Toys

  • LittleBits – These things are amazing! Build circuits, robots, and more. Connect them to the cloud, add an Arduino micro-controller in for even more advanced functionality. My daughters love these and it is a great way to teach them everything from electrical engineering to computer programming.
  • Legos – How could any geeky toy list not include legos? There is nothing better than to teach your kids about how to build amazing things and use their imagination. Add in the Technic and Mindstorms sets and you can increase the creative possibilities to include robotics and programming.

Tech / STEM Geeky Activities

  • Twitch – Relive your video game days and show your kids how amazing these games can be even if they are 20 years old. Twitch is a fun and safe way to introduce your kids to gaming as long as you find family friendly channels. I would highly recommend LackAttack24’s channel for awesome family friendly retro gaming content.
  • Model Trains – Model trains are a great way to engage your kids’ imagination and inner engineer. My daughters both love building layouts and playing with the trains. HO scale model railroading is very accessible and a more affordable entry point than the large O gauge sets.